Pro bono publico, baby. As a journalist and a writer, most of the stuff I wrote during the last 30 years can’t be found on the net. As an activist, it’s kinda worse. So this website is nothing special, it’s just my way of keeping up with modern times and bring all my archives to those who might be interested. Call it nostalgia or memorabilia, you can found also stuff that I wrote a few days ago or a few months ago. The idea is to bring together topics and people coming from different angles : old fanzines, articles about music and house, AIDS, porn, old Gay Pride pics, famous people and activist movements. This site doesn’t take any comment, sorry for that but otherwise I’d spend my time on it and I don’t want that. I also wanna go outside and take care of the garden. But it’s a survivor thing. As I always say, I might die tomorrow, so it’s time to scan and download. Enjoy.


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