About Me Press kit In Out Magazine

OK, this is getting impressive. It’s really funny that you spend your life writing about music, gay stuff and AIDS and suddenly you get the best media coverage for something that you did eons ago, actually the first thing in your life. That 12MAIL exhibit of Magazine got me a great interview in Butt and now this piece in Out Magazine, and it’s all about what I was doing when I was 22 and now I am... 52, soon 53.

I guess that’s a lesson for everybody, reward comes VERY LATE girls and what you do at the start of your life matters so much because it’s a spur of life, maybe your true self, the first step in creation and ideas, the stuff that you’ve been building on as a teen and suddlently it comes out like woarrrrrr. So all the kids who feel that they struggle too much, that they won’t make it, that nobody cares, that 2011 is so hard, this is a message for you : it will bounce back honey, people will give you credit for it, because it’s you and it stands out and youth is such a fab fab fab thing.
Amen to that.

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