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At long last, I can publish on this website the entire collection of Magazine (1980 - 1987). The purpose of doing this is that I believe this collection should be open to everybody. As the creator and editor of Magazine, I don’t own the rights of the photographs, of the erotic drawings. I even don’t consider myself the owner of the interviews done by my friends and contributors of that time. I think everything should be out in the open, for people to grab pics that they like, RT interviews of famous people, many which are gone. I don’t want to stamp some king of logo on this material. It’s gay. It’s gay history. It belongs to everybody. If you want to take a piece of it, please try to mention the origins of it, a simple code word "Magazine" will be enough. If you wanna be more specific, be my guest.

But I know that these are Facebook times, and Tumblr times. No-one can pretend anymore some kind of ownership to anything. Tumblr is gonna love this Magazine collection. People are going to go apeshit with those pics. It’s going to be ripped apart, for it’s own good. So it’s not possible anymore to link a picture to its source, this is the way the world goes. I hope that this new promotion of Magazine will eventually help the artists that we chose to publish at that time because some of them are still struggling nowadays. All the photographers who gave their work for free. The erotic drawings that we scherished so much. The ads, the typos & lay-out by my friend Misti Gris. The cover he designed. The colours that he chose.

You will see, the last 2 issues have English sections. Hope you enjoy them.

This is the most beautiful European gay publication of the beginning of the 80’s.
It’s yours now. Try to use it in a gentle way.
I am giving it to you.
Much love.

PS. Tashen can email me, I’ll be sweet.

Magazine 3-4

Magazine 8-9

Magazine 10-11