Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 11 septembre 1981

Now you see the difference between the Best Selling Chart from September 6th and this Import Chart from 4 days later. The divide between the bad dance records in the first is getting bigger from this one with all the good tunes here. You can feel the underground with Diniasty, Brick, Mickael Henderson. But Geraldine Hunt is scoring big again. And, hum, that was just 20 years before that dreadful date.

1) DYNASTY : "Love The Fast Lane"

Wow, what a throbbing bass line ! I don’t remember this incredible tune ! So Solar !!!

2) ?

3) VICKY SUE ROBINSON : "Hot Summernight"

Crazy girl.

4) THE EMOTIONS : "Turn It Up"

Here they are. My bro Lala had a band called Lala et les émotions.

5) ?

6) JEANE CARN : "Love Don’t Love Nobody"

A slow number in the dance charts. Only Jeane Carne !


Another beautiful track from that album. This thing is shining from both sides. So Barry White with the Webster Lewis jazzy touch.

8) CANDY BROWMAN : " I Wanna Feel Your Love"

Faaaaab intro. It sneaks in you. Hey Mr DJ, plays this song !

9) BRICK : "Sweat Till You Get Wet"

I loved Brick. Loved the name, the EWF vocals, the hard funk.

10) T LIFE : "Something That You Do To Me"

The guy on Youtube calls it post disco boogie. Spot on.

11) THE WHISPERS : "This Kind Of Lovin’"

I’m so mad about them. Great vocals, real powerful. It’s always happy.

12) ?

13) RENE AND ANGELA : "Wall To Wall"

It’s their moment. Angela Winbush, Paulinho Da Costa, it’s like heavy duty here.

14) BANG GANG : "Street Music"

Raw golden funk ! I’m sure Larry Levan was playng this stuff.

15) THE JONESES : "Summer Groove"

British funk with strings. Crazy arrangements. Don’t remember it at all.

16) MICHAEL LANDERSON : "(We’re Here To) Geek You Up"

Great tittle ! Killer bassline and beats ! It’s machofunk when you wanna !


18) ?

19) GERALDINE HUNT : "Heart Heart"

That was massive in gay clubs. Steppin’ beat ! And what she sings !

20) THE STRICKERS : "Inch By Inch"

Well, this is dead famous.