Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 12 février 1982

It’s the last of the charts, this is the end of the Carnet bleu !
I mean, I have some left in between the ones I published but they didn’t have so many different tunes that the ones featuring in the charts here. So it’s a goodbye to 1982 with Lamont Dozier’s nice and sweet "Shout About It", François Kevorkian doing a masterpiece with Rafael Cameron’s "All That’s Good To Be" with his great violon stabs. Wait, there’s "You Got The Power" by WAR ! My fave is Empress’ "Control Yourself" and of course "Make Up Your Mind" by Aurra. Special shout out to "Breakaway" by Pure Energy !

1) ?


So this is where Shalamar’s "Second Time Around" comes from.

3) ONENESS OF JUJU : "Every Way But Loose"

The intro is so NuPhonic !

4) LAMONT DOZIER : "Shout About It"

What an intro ! What a tuuuuuuuuune ! And did you hear the voices at 3’ ?

5) ROY HAMILTON : "Take Your Time"

Kinda funny and messy but the bass is good.

6) RAFAEL CAMERON : "All That’s Good To Me"

You can see the funk going places with that fab François K mix !

7) EMPRESS : "Control It"

I love Empress. Just the name is great. Imagne : "Hi my name is Empress !". And this song is all about AIDS prevention before the name was even found !

8) VICKY D : "This Beat Is Mine"

This one crossed the Ocean and was on France’s gay dancefloors.

9) ?

10) ?

You can tell I was getting fed up to listen to this little radio, I wasn’t paying attention like before !

11) XAVIER : "Love Is On The One"

Like a brit version of Prelude. Very 5 Star already.

12) FUSE ONE : "Silk" (instru)

I guess it’s part of my soul boy roots.

13) THE WHATNAUTS : "Help Is On The Way" (instru)

Shit they took off the vid

14) AURRA : "Make Up Your Mind"

Oh I loved to dance on this one !

15) PURE ENERGY : "Breakaway"

Deliciously yummy groove in the most Chicesque way !

16) WAR : "You Got The Power"

Strutting your stuff !

18) ?

19) DOUBLE EXPOSURE : "After All This Time"

Beautiful disco.

20) JUNIOR GISCOMBE : "Get Up And Dance"

It HAD to finish on a sour note : the vid is no longer on Youtube, the fuckers.