Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 12 juillet 1981

I remember precisely when I was listening to this show. I was 23, spending a few days on holiday at my dad’s farm and locked myself in the bathroom, in the summer heat, doing push-ups. The little radio was on the iron table, and the little blue notebook was near. I was doing my gym while listening and grooving to the songs and rushing to my pen when the guy on the radio was giving the tittle of a specific song. And I kept telling myself : "Imagination ? That beat is sooooo slow".

1) EVELINE KING : "I’m In love"

Well, it starts as a torture : one my fave songs of all time.

2) ODYSSEY : "Going Back To My Roots"

Those girls have AFRICA all over their smiles

3) STARS ON 45

4) EVASIONS : "Wikka Wrap"

The long version of this typically British smash. I was really pro British funk.

5) IMAGINATION : "Body Talk"

And not to mention it was so gay too.

6) QUINCY JONES : "Razzmatazz"

So Quincy was cornering the market with the jazzy stuff while making huge hit for the Jackson. Clever.

7) MICHAEL JACKSON : "One Day In Your Life"

MJ gets all gooooooooey.

8) BB&Q Band : "On The Beat"

Ah, this is more like it. We loved that in the clubs.

9) RANDY CRAWFORD : "You Might Need Somebody"

I love that voice, that woman, the stuff she stands for.

10) TOM TOM CLUB : "Wordy Rappinghood"

I don’t know why this song always bugged me. Too white. It’s like Eminem ages before.

11) BOB MARLEY : "No Woman No Cry"

This is a huge song.

12) ?

13) GINO SOCCIO : "Try It Out"

Always so beautifully crafted and produced. This guy was so with it, the LP covers and all that.

14) CARL CALTON : "She’s a Bad Mama Jamma"

A big radio number.

15) KID CREOLE : "Me No Pop I"

The guy was one of a kind.

16) SMOKIE : ?

17) LINX : "Throw Away The Key"

Not their best single, but the thing, they were so popular as British that anything they did was going to the charts.

18) ?

19) BARRY BIGGS : "Love On A Two Way Street"

Sweet lover’s rock.

20) GRACE JONES : "Pull Up to The Bumper"

The sound of NY

21) THELMA HOUSTON : "If You Feel It"

Mama does it again

22) KENI BURKE : "Let Somebody Love You"

Sweet Keni. Let yourself wave to this one.

23) KOOL & THE GANG : "Steppin’ Out"

A mashup of many other songs but still I like it.

24) SHAKATAK : "Brazilian Dawn"

It’s a bit too much I think.

25) THE JACSONS : "Walk Right Now"

Cornering the market ! To me anyway, this is the best MJ album.

26) SHARON REDD : "Can You Handle It"

Gay people had something special with her.

27) HI GLOSS : "You’ll Never Know"

Great mellow groove with an Herb Alpert clap.

28) ?

29) CHAMPAIGN : "How ’Bout Us"

Nice video.

30 : CLINT EASTWOOD : "A Tribute to General Echo"

Get ready for the dub !