Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 12 octobre 1980

Two days later, but this time it’s the best selling charts so you get stuff that’s more famous. It’s all classics anyway. I don’t have the 10 first entries, I guess I got home late that night.

11) RANDY CRAWFORD : "Last Night At Danceland"

Try to make it better !

12) DEODATO : "Night Cruiser"

Still gives me shivers !

13) TEENA MARIE : "I Need Your Lovin’"

I can’t believe it, those violins

14) THE GAP BAND : "Party Lights" (remake)

Oh weeelll ! More stabing violins !

15) WILLIAM D.VAUGHN : "Be Thankfull For What You’ve Got"

Political anthem

16) BOB MARLEY : "Three Little Birds"

He was doing his major thing.

17) LIGHT OF THE WORLD : "London Town"

Now THIS IS BRITFunk ! Listen to it !!!!

18) RICK JAMES : "Big Time"

Shake it pervert !

19) MIRAGE : "Summer Groove"

Happy stuff !

20) QUEEN : I didn’t even BOTHER to write it dow, fucking hate that band.

21) TOM BROWNE : "Thigh’s High"

Still good

22) THE RAH BAND : "Falcon"

Yeahhhhhhh, their first hit ! And I was the first one to get into it in the 6th arrondissement, I’m tellin ya. Intru-mental !

23) HEARTH, WIND & FIRE : "Let Me Talk"

Mad video !

24) THE JACKSONS : "Lovely One"

What can I say ? Everybody was going bonkers at The Palace when they were droppin it

25) CURTIS BLOW : "The Breaks"

Girl, whatta tune. You have to remember : the guys was soooo sexy. You can tell his dick was hard.

26) ASHFORD & SIMPSON : "Love Don’t Make It Right"

Oh noooo, I don’t see it on Youtube

27) INCOGNITO : "Parisienne Girl"

The bass speaks !

28 : "LEO’S SUNSHIP : "Give Me The Sunshine"

Not bad either

29) KELLY MARIE : "Feels Like I’m Falling In Love"

Huge in Engfland. Disco trash ! Lynn drums !

30) YOUNG & CO : "I Like What You’re Doing To Me"