Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 12 octobre 1981

Oh girl ! What a great line-up ! I loved the masculine feel of Bob James and those 40’s chorus vocals, it was so cool, sans shoving it down your throat, real Jazz quoi.
And Arthur Adams is N°1 ! And Donal Byrd is N°3 ! And EWF is back from Disco Sucks ! And another hit from Imagination ! But kick me with a rhythm stick if you don’t like that Eveling King stomper ! But my fave is still this huge thang by Junior Giscombe, BRITISH FUNK ! Gee, I see now how influenced I’ve been by those years.

1) ARTHUR ADAMS : "You Got The Floor"

And we are N°1 with that bomb of a song.


I never got that song but it’s okay. I know it’s huge.

3) DONALD BYRD : "Love Has Come Around"

I love it so much I could smoke it.

4) THE FOUR TOPS : "When She Was My Girl"

Those guys. They rock in such a nice way.

5) BOB JAMES : "Sign Of The Times"

Boy, I was poor that year but I went straight out and bought the album.

6) IMAGINATION : "In And Out Of Love"

With a beat even slooooooower. And that piano. I was ooooozing. And all those guys were gay.

7) EVELYN KING : "If You Want My Lovin"

I know, it’s the same old groove but I love it.

8) SUGAR MINOTT : "Never My Love"

Big reggae tune in England. Check out the bridge.

9) JUNIOR GISCOMBE : "Mama Used To Say"

It was the beginning of a grittier Michael Jackson-like sound. And a nice dancer too.

10) SAVANNA : "I Can’t Turn Away"

I loved it but never heard it in French clubs. Too subdued I guess.

11) THE DUKES : "Mystery Girl"

Everybody was trying to go MJ and Quincy !

12) TREVOR WALTERS : "Love Me Tonight"

Rover’s rock NOW ! Thomas Rudeboy is gonna love this one.

13) ?

14) HI GLOSS : "You’ll Never Know"

Still grand. And we’re only half way through the charts !

15) CENTRAL LINE : "Walking On Sunshine"

Yipppppeeeee !

16) EARTH WIND & FIRE : "Let’s Groove"

I couldn’t believe they were back with such a killer.

17) INDEX : "Starlight"

Don’t go to be yet ! A Record Shack tune ! And so queer !

18) ZAPP : "Heard It Throught The Grapevine"


19) JEROME : "You’re Supposed To Be My Friend"

Makes me giggle.

20) LINX : "So This Is Romance"

The charts are getting more and more national.

21) OTTAWAN : "Hands Up"

That’s when the Daft Punk parents started to make all that money with that shit.
They should be ashamed.

22) FREDDIE HUBBARD : "You’re Gonna Lose Me"

Pfff Youtube does’t have it anymore.

23) T-LIFE : "Something That You Do To Me"

So MJ it’s freaky !

24) ?

25) FREEEZ : "Anti-Freeez"

Not their best record but still sweet.

26) RICHARD "DIMPLES" FIELDS : "I Like Your Loving"


27) AL JARREAU : "We’re In This Love Together"

He used to be big, people have no idea now.

28) THE STRIKERS : "Inch By Inch"


29) ROSE ROYCE : "RR Express"

A machine. Mark Moore must have been a fan of this one.

30) ?