Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 15 novembre 1981

Lots of new entries there with that yummy "Flasback" by Imagination and around the bottom of the charts : Teena Marie (go girl), Mel Brooks (go Jewish King, go !) and G.Q, some crazy instrumental by K.I.D with that crazyfunky choon but Prince is leading the pack here with a major "Controversy".

1) THE FOUR TOPS : "When She Was My Girl"

Happy stuff

2) EARTH WIND & FIRE : "Let’s Groove"

So crisp !

3) IMAGINATION : "Flashback"

It was their 3rd megahit in a matter of months. Nothing could really stop them. And the songs kept betting better.

4) KOOL & THE GANG : "Steppin’ Out"

Some DJ’s say they’re corny and I never agreed on that, the guys are all about deep, solid happiness.

5) ?

6) ARTHUR ADAMS : "You Got The Floor"

It’s like, the best song I discovered again with these little charts from eons ago.

7) GEORGE BENSON : "Turn Your Love Around"

I wish I could give you an studio version of that beautiful song.

8) ROSE ROYCE : "R.R. Express"

Extravaganza !

9) LEVEL 42 : "Star Child"

Bastards, Youtube took away all the studio versions.

10) DUKE : "Mistery Girl"

Nice, dreamy jazzfunk.

11) SECOND IMAGE : "Can’t Keep Holding On"

A bit too busy for me.

12) LINX : "Can’"t Help Myself"

Linx doing their MJ thing !

13) MODERN ROMANCE : "Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey"

You don’t wanna hear this : it’s like Talking Heads going Mexican.

14) INCOGNITO : "Northern London Boy"

Youtube, shame on ya. It’s been cancelled.

15) DIANA ROSS : "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"

Bad version of a beautifil song.

16) FREEEZ : "Anti-Freeez"

17) RANDY CRAWFORD : "Secret Combination"

God I love that sweet woman !!!!!!!!!!!! Look at her sing and hity those notes !

18) LIGHT OF THE WORLD : "Remixes" but I don’t remember which track

19) G.Q. : "Shake !"

Crazy fabby, can’t do no wrong chooner !

20) TEENA MARIE : "It Must Be Magic"

All the instruments are right at their place, it’s groovy and check the bass !!!!!!

21) BOB JAMES : "Sign Of The Times"

Still essential !

22) MEL BROOKS : "Its Good To Be The King"

Since when did you get a movie director in the disco charts ? The guy is genius.

23) K.I.D. : "Hupendi Muziki Wangu (Instru)

You can tell Larry Levan got crazy on this one.

24) PIGBAG : "Sunny day" (instru)

I never like it, sorry.

25) DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE : "Endless Love"

Grand, grand mega epic stuff.

26) SAVANNA : "I Can’t Turn Away"

Beautiful, it feeds my soul.

27) Zapp : "I Heard It Through The Gravevine"

The vocoder track that never dies in the charts.

28) PRINCE : "Controversy"

This was so HUGE when it went out ! The lyrics, the bubbly bass, the chorus, the bridge, a milestone classic by all standarts.

29) T-LIFE : "Something That You Do To Me"

So fabby and joyfull.

30) JUMPP : "Bouncy, Bouncy"

Raw, fast, boy stuff ! An obscure song that should be played nowadays.