Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 17 janvier 1981

Kleer ! Dee Dee Sharp Gamble ! Breaking & entering ! And all those Chic-esque songs like Revelation and Ramonona Brooks. You wanna step into the start of the 80’s ? We’re right there, january, 1981.

1) SHARON REDD : "Can You Handle It ?"

The François K remix is so subtil.

2) GENE DUNLAP : "Love Dancing"

There’s a lot of Africa in this tune !

3) ONE ON ONE : "Body Music"

I don’t remember it well.

4) Kleer : "Get Tough"

Jazzy vocals ! It’s like a preview of "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"

5) MYSTIC TOUCH : "Get Yourself Together"

They were crazy.

6) FREE EXPRESSION : "Chill Out"

Maybe THEY coined down the label. As you can see, a Bobby O record. PSB were watching out.

7) MAURICE STARR : "Dance To The Funky Groove"

To me 1981 is all about funk.

8) FIREFLY : "Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side"

Do you have enought of this juicy funk ?

9) WIZDOM : "Free Bass"

Like, I have this new tune on TK, "Free Bass" by Wizdom, methinks it sounds cool.

10) BILL SUMMER : "Call It What You Want"

Electro sounds, cristal clear prod, love it.

11) DEEDEE SHARP GAMBLE : "Breaking & Entering"

What a great song tittle. It’s like a blaxploitation masterpiece. What a chorus ! This is Betty Davis heavy duty shit !

12) KRANK HOOKER : "This Feeling"

Those funky dudes were totally drugged out.

13) YOUNG & CO : "Strutt Your Stuff"

I wanna see bearded cool guys strutting their stuff on this one.

14) AZOTO : "San Salvador"

Try to produce a song now call "San Salvador" and get away with it. The vid is fantabulous.

15) ESTHER PHILIPPS : "We’ve Got A Good Thing Going"

She never left. Fred Otero is mad about her voice.


17) ONE WAY : "Push"

Always Luxious.

18) POSITIVE FORCE : "Especially For You"

I ALWAYS love the sounds of people grooving and dancing on a track.

19) RAMONA BROOKS : "I Don’t Want You Back"

Beautiful Chic-esque sounds, and what a name : Ramona Brooks ! A caché cliché !

20) REVELATION : "Feel It"

How can you fail with such a sweet, inviting intro like this. It just grabs you and take you gently center stage on the dancefloor. Beautiful, fantastic. Violins, thank god for violins.