Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 17 juillet 1981

Je sais, c’est juste quelques jours après le chart précédent but there’s a couple of new tunes here that U don’t wanna miss ! What about Sylvia Striplin ! And Roberta Flack, it’s maybe the best track here, something you wanna hear RIGHT NOW !

1) ?

Ça commence bien !

2) ?

Super !

3) SYLVESTER : "Give It Up"

Little monster groove. It used to be what we called The Sleaze.

4) TINA MARIE : "Square Biz"

For a change, this is the instrumental, which is crazy when you have such a good singer but don’t forget she was arranging it all herself so it’s interesting - and groovy.

5) CAMERON : "Funkstown USA"

Dodgy intro but I like the rest. Very Rick James with a breezy feel.

6) THE STRICKERS : "Inch By Inch"

Shiiiiiiiiit. Me like it so much !

7) SYLVIA STRIPLIN : "Give Me Your Love"

This a a 12" that I will NEVER sell ! Amazing how it’s still good & fresh. Porn stars do it for real !

8) SHARON REDD : "Can You Handle It" (remake)

Better sound on this one ! Check out the fab arrangements. Prelude rules OK

9) WOODS EMPIRE : "Sweet Delight"

I guess what I liked about it was mostly the name.

10) CHERYLL LYNN : "Shake It Up Tonight"

Well, when you do a song like "Encore", people love you till the end of time.

11) HI GLOSS : "It’s Up To You"

Still very disco.

12) ROBERTA FLACK : "Loving You Is Such An Easy Thing To Do"

The way she eases herself in that song in a lowkey way, like, I don’t have to push it, I’m THAT powerful. Magic. We wanna hear this in clubs !

13) EVELYNE KING : "I’m In Love"

That was the period when she wanted to get rid of the "Campagne" thing.

14) GREG PHILLINGANES : "Takin’ It Up All Night"

OK only 26 people on Youtube, maybe for a reason.

15) WAR : "Cinco de Mayo"

16) DAZZ BAND : "Let The Music Play"

Funk by numbers.


I mean, I was getting a boner just looking at the cover. An orchestra with black people.

18) SPACES : "Song For Jeremy"

Jazzfunk instrumental that shows people were nuts for jazz at that time.

19) KLIQUE : "It’s Winning Time"

You can’t help humming along.

20) FRANCE JOLI : "Gonna Get Over You"

For a change, a great instrumental.