Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 17 mai 1981

Brrrrrritish reggae ! Elevation and Groove Street on Greek Street prods !! But the big thing that month was Imaginaton. I remember very well the first time I heard this on the radio, I was amazed by how sloooooow it was, I ALWAYS wanted funk to get THAT slow, it was such a crazy idea, the level of surprise we got when, like, 10CC went out in the mid seventies. And Imagination was so gay from the start. So italian, so camp. But, wait, Stephanie Mills, Shalamar, Thelma Houston, Sister Sledge, it was a bona fide month alright !

1) STARS ON 45

That was embarassing.

2) SUGAR MINOTT : "Good Thing Going"

Look at those guys grooving on TOTP

3) Stars mix ?

4) EDDIE GRANT : "Can’t Get Enough Of You"

I was getting into it, and it was huge all over anyway.

5) QUINCY JONES : "Ai No Corida"

People loved the shining sounds of it

6) IMAGINATION : "Body Talk"

See above, a big musical breakthrough.

7) ELEVATIONS : "Wikka Wrap"

I bought it a BLINK

8) THE JACKSONS : "Can You Feel It"


9) T.S. MONK : "Candidate For Love"

Disco still here.

1O) LEVEL 42 : "Love Games"

It’s like the Genesis of White British funk. I loved it even if I was not bragging about it.

11) THE WHISPERS : "It’s A Love Thing"

One of my fave songs of all time.

12) THE CLASH : "The Magnificent 7" (instrumental)

Clever tune. The version that got in the dance charts was the instrumental though.

13) THE STRIKERS : "Body Music"

Doesn’t get old a bit.

14) ? : "What About Us"

15) DEBRA LAWS : "On My Own"

Somebody should put it on Youtube, really.

16) FREEEZ : "Flying High"

Only the Brits understood this.

17) TOUCHDOWN : "Ease Your Mind"

A bit messy for me.

18) GROOVER WASHINGTON : "Just The Two of Us"

A big classic.


This is so BEAUTIFUL ! Patrick Vidal plays it ! sooooooooo me ! Mtume & Reggie Lucas at their best !


Can’t find it

21) SHALAMAR : "Make That Move"’

The beautiful, rounded, warm sound of Solar !

22) RICK JAMES : "Give It To Me Baby"

Big sleaze !

23) MYSTIC MERLIN : "60 Thrills A Minute"

It says it right there !

24) THELMA HOUSTON : "If You Feel It"

I was so happy to see the old girls doing it again. I still have the 12" ! Respect mama !

25) THE RAH BAND : "Downside Up"

Maybe their best stuff, more relax, less sax.

26) ALPHONSE MOUZON : "By All Means"

Groovy innit ?

27) THE GAP BAND : "Humpin’"

It was a sure hit band !

28) SISTER SLEDGE : "If You Really Want Me"

This bass guy makes me laugh

29) KENI BURKE : "Let Somebody Love You"

So great ! And what a fab name, Keni Burke !

30) LINX : "Intuition"

British steel drums !


From the seminal band that brought you "The Break" ! Listen to it, it’s very spacey