Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 19 juin 1981

You can see the narrative here : old stars trying for their come back : Cerrone, War, Sylvester are looking for the gold mix of funk & NRG, while Teena Marie, Sherryl Lynn and Barbara Roy are chucking out their "Mona hits" while Voggue is building Hi-NRG step by step with that eerie, crazy bombastic "Dancing The Night Away". It’s a wonderful moment of transition.

1) KLIQUE : "It’s Winning Time"

From LA, their first hit.

2) HI GLOSS : "It’s Up To You"

Decent funk

3) SYLVESTER : "Give It Up (Don’t Make Me Wait)

Sylvester goes low funk and it’s beautiful.

4) TEENA MARIE : "Square Biz"

Another smash. She’s so talented, writing and producing her own stuff and funkiness is all over her. A white woman on Motown !

5) CERRONE : "I’m Hooked On You"

He was going funk too, to follow the trend but at least he was already teaming with Jocelyn Brown.

6) CHERYL LYNN : "Shake It Up Tonight"

Isn’t that grand ?

7 : ?

8 : SCANDAL : "I Wanna Do It"

Sounds like a mashup of "Lady’s Night" and Al Hudson.

9) THE DAZZ BAND : "Let The Music Play"

Another funk by numbers.

10) BARBARA ROY : "If You Want Me"

Now that’s more like it ! A beautiful track, still played around ! Moody and suck a carry on song.

11) : MONA RAYE : "Do Me"

I don’t remember this but it’s rough !


The whole album is magic, I still have it, I remember buying it just for the sake of the cover with Webster Lewis ! So Glossy !

13) FRANCE JOLI : "Gonna Get Over You"

Well, what can I say, one of the most emblematic records of the time. And Laurent Garnier still plays it. There is NO FLAW in this track !

14) FREDDY JAMES : "Music Takes Me Higher"

A bit dodgy, he was trying to revive his "Get Up & Boogie" smash. Actually, it’s very Cerrone sounding.

15) ?

16) WAR : "Cinco de Mayo"

I loved it at the time and I saw long after that Dimitri was a fan too, he used to play the War classic a lot.

17) VOGGUE : "Dancing The Night Away"

Now this was so huge ! How many times did we scream and whistle and do poppers on this one ! Gay music was shaping up ! Demis LePage classic ! Hail Canada !

18) The Graingers : "Shine A Light"

Thanks for Discogs, I don’t think I would have found this again. FUNKKKKKKKKK

19) MIDNIGHT STAR : "I’ve Be Watching You"


20 : WOODS EMPIRE : "Sweet Delight"

Obscure but it’s already a Tabu record.