Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 20 mars 1981

Leprechaun ! Don’t you want to revival it a tinsy bit ? And Silver Platinum (only a coupla hits on Youtube). Oh my god, that was the week The Strikers went out ! And Empress ! When I was dancing to that tune, I thought I was gonna really die for dancing !

1) CAROL JIANI : "Hit n Run Lover"

Maybe the first real Hi-NRG glopbal hit.

2) ALPHONSE MOUZON : "Do I Have To ?"

sigh I can’t find the vid.

3) LEPRECHAUN : "Loc It Up"

I like it so much. And what a zanny name, Leprechaun !

4) UNLIMITED TOUCH : "Searching To Find The One"

When you were a Chic fan, there was many leftovers which were just as fab as the original. This is still wondrous.

5) MISTIC MERLIN : "60 Thrills A Minute"

Great tittle. There should be a porn flick with dat name.

6) DEBRA LAWS : "On My Own"

Oh it’s no fair ! This song ain’t on Youtube.

7) MEL SHEPPARD : "Can I Take You Home ?"

Talk about rare groove : only 133 hits on Youtube.

8) REVELATION : "Feel It"

I listened it 5 times in a go last nite before going to bed. Can U ?

9) COLD FIRE : "Pressure"

It’s glowing from all sides ! Check out the lyrics, 1981 was onother time of economic crisis

10) SILVER PLATINUM : "Dance !"

Mellow, sweet, but that would still get to the danclefloor in a blink

11) ONE WAY : "Push"

For the record, my bro Lala always said that the Al Hudson + One way was one of his best disco records of all time. But that was later.

12) JERRY KNIGHT : "Perfect Fit"

A not too common hit in France but I remember hearing that miauling bass in a record shop and got in, just like sniffing good air.

13) ? : "Won’t You Let Be The One"

14) STRIKERS : "Body Music"

OK, it’s such a famous track that I give you the instrumental Fran├žois K version that so cool it freezes your brain for the rest of the day. Prelude rocks.

15) FUNKADELIC : I don’t remember , sorry

16) EMPRESS : "Dyin’ To Be Dancing"

The way they turn the ground around with that bass that goes right under your feet. I prefer the short version though.

17) THE ISLEY BROS : "Tonight Is The Night"

A mellow grower.

18) STARPOINT : "Keep On It !"

This was NOT big in France I think.


You can tell gay Hi-NRG is taking shape.

20 : ?