Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 20 novembre 1981

Talk about rare grooves ! Those are songs that put 400 views on Youtube and yet, they stayed in my heart for decades. To me, this is the moment when Northern Soul really let room for Rare Groove. It’s the time of JAMZZZZZZ !

1) ?

2) ?

3) ?

4) I guess I missed the start that day !

5) FUNK FUSION BAND : "Can You Feel It"

What a sweet choon ! Good until the last minit !

6) JANET "LADY" DAY : "Come Let Me Love You"

Pre-porn from Prelude !

7) BOOKER T : "I Want You"

Man it’s crazy the stuff the British were putting in the charts ! It’s like trance jazz sex !

8) FINE QUALITY : "Ah Dance !"

Oh I remember that "Ahhhhhh Dance !" I loved it, so Camden Palace ! Sing along and clapping !


If this number didn’t start the sampling shit (Jimmy ’Bo’ Horne) and got sampled again and again and again later after that, I’m as big as Al Parker.

10) SKOOL BOYS : "Jam Beneath The Groove"

Real dudes funk. I can’t think of any sexier than gay guys grooving on this king of straight shit.


A bit too busy for me, but still a fine example of JazzFunk.

12) MAIN INGREDIENT : "Evening Of Love"

So what is the MAIN ingredient, I ask you ?

13) SCHOCK : "I Think I Love You"

It’s not on Youtube, sigh...

14) RENE & ANGELA : "Wall To Wall"

Did I already say I’m MAD OVER THEM ? OK, I’m ranting.

15) ?

16) K.I.D. : "Hupendi Musiki Wangu"

It wasn’t easy to get the tittle of this track right from a tiny radio.

17) SATIN DREAM : "Stay Away From My Lover"

I think I remember Brunswick as a typical British label of rare grooves.

18) STARPOINT : "Do What You Wanna"

The had quite a number of hits.

19) MIKE AND BRANDA SUTTON : "We’ll Make It"

Ok, it’s funk by numbers, but do you really think it’s any worse than Sissors Sisters by numbers of Now ? This is so much fresher. At least, you put this in a club now and people think "mmm, this DJ is special !".

20) SIMON & MC QUEEN : "I’m Down If You’re Down"

76 hits on Youtube for that classic of post rapping meets groove meets sex.