Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 25 septembre 1981

Here he is ! Luther Vandross gets in at N°6 and story unfolds. But look at the rest : Arthur Adams is doing this incredible thing with a long sax solo. And all those songs with tittles that speak to the other one : You got the floor, I wanna feel your love, Something that you do to me, Give it to me, Turn it out, Hold on to this moment.

They were talking to you.

1) ARTHUR ADAMS : "You Got The Floor"

Pfwew is just what I wanna say !

2) CANDY BROWMAN : "I Wanna Feel Your Love"

Of course y’all understood the tittle right ?

3) DYNASTY : "Love In The Fast Lane"

Song of the day.

4) VICKI SUE ROBINSON : "Hot Summer Night"

I think she was into porn with a name like that. Or country music.

5) T LIFE : "Something That You Do To Me"

I wanna do a band called T Death.

6) LUTHER VANDROSS : "Never Too Much"

This song kicked us out inside out and it was so NEW in so many ways and so well produced, we were apeshit and 30 years later it’s still cristal clear. If you don’t like it, you’re a KKK member lol

7) CONQUEST : "Give It To Me"

Well it says right there, it’s a Prelude record.

8) GERALDINE HUNT : "Heart Heart"

Still raunchy.

9) THE EMOTIONS : "Turn It Out"

Girls Girls ! Girls !

10) JERMAINE JACKSON : "I’m Just Too Shy"

I always had a problem with her.

11) PIECES OF A DREAM : "Warm Weather"

Isn’t that sweet ? It’s like Randy Crawford meets early proto-jungle but I think the version that was in the charts was instrumental, which is even more daring.

12) JEAN CARN : "Love Don’t Love Nobody"

13) ?

14) ROGER : "I Heard It Through The Grapeline"

Vocoder heaven.

15) SHEREE BROWN : "It’s A Pleasure"

Totally Jones Girls ! Some Jean-Marc song !

16) TIP DIAMOND : "The Deep"

I dunno why I wrote ths, I can’t find any of it.

17) MYSTERY : "Hold On To This Moment"

Tommy Boy stuff that sounds like some of the stuff of NOW

18) ?

19) JUMBO : "Take It Light"

mfffgrr Youtube took it off.

19) CAPTAIN SKY : "Station Break"

Nick Martinelli mixes ! But I can’t find it on Youtube