Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 26 septembre 1980

1) GERALDINE HUNT : "Can’t Fake The Feeling"

Here she Is, N°1.

2) TEENA MARIE : "I Need Your Lovin"

This is for the Mona crowd. Can YOU resist this intro ?

3) TANGERUE / STRANGE AFFAIR : "Don’t Stop The Music"

It’s like disco never never never died

4) SHADOW : "Hot City"

Now that’s better !

5) EVELYNE CHAMPAGNE KING : "Let’s Get Funky Tonight"

6) SHOTGUN : "Bad Babe"

Well, Youtube is wrong. This is 1980.

7) ?

8) THE JONES GIRLS : "Dance Turned Into Romance"

oh gee... A Jean-Luc Bonnet favourite.

9) THE JACKSONS : "Lovely One"

Now that’s a good Jacksons classic.


Strange that Youtube says it’s from 1978. This is typical JassFunk.

11) 80’s LADIES : "Ladies of the Eighties"

Fab track tittle.

12) DAVE VALENTINE : "Land Of The Third Eye"

Real vintage as they say

13) ERNIE WATTS : "Just Holding On"

The Brits were really into this thing you know

14) FAT LARRY BAND : " ?

15) PHILLY CREAM : "Cowboys To Girls"

I guess Youtube doesn’t have it.

16) RITZ : "I Wanna Get With You"

OK I give you the Arthur Baker mix

17) EDMUND SYLVERS : "That Burning Love"

Michael Jackson lookalike.

18) LATOYA JACKSON : "If You Feel The Funk"

Special Fred Javelot.

19) LIPPS, INC : "How Long"

Well If you don’t like this...

20) MTUME : "Tie me Up"

mmmm The original version is off Youtube, thanks the bloody record company.