Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 27 d├ęcembre 1980

Hits keep coming ! It’s the beginning of "Le Champ de la Machine" with Freeez, K.I.D., MFSB, Powerline, Sharon Redd, Harry Thuman, The Jacksons and check how K.I.D.’s "Don’t Stop" rings with "Don’t You Stop The Music" by Yarbrough & People. 1980 ends with a bash.

1) FREEEZ : "Southern Freeez"

The dawn of British soul ! Cute girl, cute white boyz.

2) BEGGAR & CO : "(Somebody) Help Me Out"

What an intro ! Somebody take this "ohohoho" and sample it and a a FloRida smash hit !

3) SHARON REDD : "Can You Handle It"

Everytime that song was in the club (a lot) we were going googaga

4) THE RAH BAND : "Slide"

I loved the logo that much (Falcon porn movies here) that I was buying everything Falcon.

5) HARRY THUMAN : "Underwater"

Palace grand classique. The canadian answer to Patrick Cowley. I was totally bongers about that track. Even Moroder didn’t do that.

6) KOOL & THE GANG : "Jones vs Jones"

They were huge you know. People forget.

7) SPECTRUM : "Takin’ It To The Top"

Should be more connu.

8) K.I.D. : "Don’t Stop"

I still have it. What a fucking great NYC sound. Italo disco begins there.

9) YARBROUGH & PEOPLE : "Don’t Stop The Music"

What a smurf classic !

10) THE JACKSONS : "Can You Feel It ?"

Peacock Feathers !

11) LINX : "Intuition"

British Notting Hill Steel drums !


13) THE GAP BAND : "Burn Rubber On Me"

Kinky, pre-Cameo style


I totally forgot this. Steel drums again !

15) MFSB : "Mysteries Of The World"

Of of the best songs ever, period. Massive Attack, David Angel etc would nowhere be close without MFSB. Philly Sound at its veryy very best.

16) GEORGE BENSON : "What’s On Your Mind"

Can’t fffffind it

17) BARBARA JONES & TRINITY : "Young Lover"

2step megastar returns

18) FIREFLY : "Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side"

That was huge too. So italian.

19) RAY CARLESS : "Tarantula Walk"

Like, who would have such a great song tittle now ? Tarantula Walk ! Please

20) HEATWAVE : "Gangsters Of The Groove"

I see now how influenced I’ve been by that 1980 year now.

21) THE WHISPERS : "It’s A Love Thing"

I loooooooove that song ! Philly rules ! They were soooo sexy for me ! I’m a soul boy

22) T.S. MONK : "Bon Bon Vie"

We were so proud to see still french words in the postdisco era.

23) YOUNG & CO : "Strutt Your Stuff"

You see how crisp the funk gets ? It’s getting italian.

24) THE INVERSIONS : "Mr Mack"

British were mad about Jazz grooves.

25) JOHNNY BRISTOL : "Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me"

Druggy disco Philly little monster.

26) SISTER SLEDGE : "All American Girls"

The way this song kicks in !

27) POWERLINE : "Journey"

You get the dub reggae echoes that Larry Levan loved so much. He was speeding down this one a bit

28) THE BLACKBYRDS : "Don’t Know What To Say"

Romain BNO must dig this one.

29) ?

30) GENE DUNLAP : "Love Dancin’"

You can tell the influence of black Britain in those hits.