Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 3 avril 1981

Sorry to bother you again. But did you ever get the original gay version of the Carol Jiani smash ? It’s mad, girl. And it’s the beginning of the Aurra hit collection ! Quincy Jones ! Chaka Khan ! And Mother F, the beginning of Canadian Hi-NRG !

1) DEBRA LAWS : "On My Own"

I really don’t see it on Youtube, mffffgggrrrr

2) THE STRIKERS : "Body Music"

OK, everybody knows this one !

3) CAROL JIANI : "Hit N Run Lover"

The original SF version : very gay as you would imagine

4) MEL SHEPPARD : "Can I Take You Home ?"

There’s something quiet about this one that I enjoy

5) THE ISLEY BROS : "Tonight Is The Night"

Philly at the coolest !

6) EMPRESSS : "Dyin’ To Be Dancing"

Actually dancing is gonna make you live longer

7) ? : "Let Me Be The 1"

8) ?

9) JERRY KNIGHT : "Perfect Fit"

Somebody should do a hit now with that bass ! Easy !

10) AURRA : "Are You Single"

Slapping bass ! This is makes me go "oooooo"

11) QUINCY JONES : "AI No Corrida"

I really had problems to find the proper titlle, I kept on writing in my notebook "I no Corea" !

12) UNLIMITED TOUCH : "Searching To Find The One"

Pfews, it’s still so goooooooooood

13) CHAKA KHAN : "Whatcha Gonna Do For Me ?"

Yes It was that time, before house came, when Chaka had hits.

14) VERA : "Take Me To The Bridge"

"Amène moi au pont" ! Great tittle

15) JACK MCDUFF : "Kisses" (instru)

Jazzfunk so traditional it’s crazy it got in the charts in the first place !

16) STARPOINT : "Keep On It"

Love the LP cover

17) SADANE : "One Way Love Affair"

Quiet, quiet storm stuff

18) MOTHER F : "Hot Wax"

This is like where "Underwater" by Harry Thuman left us. And those Denis Lepage hits were so HUGE in gay clubs, like the Tea Dance in Paris, as those sounds and sax were lifting the roof (that was already so high). Those hits WERE MAKING CLUBS BIGGER.

19) COLD FIRE : "Too Cold"

So crisp !

20) METROPOLE : "Miss Manhattan"

Canadian beauty