Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 6 août 1981

Well, that summer was pivotal. Human League gets N°1 and as disco is suppposed to be "dead", the British charts are full of cheap disco medleys as everybody gets in a cheap disco trance. Like, let’s start a disco revival just one year after the "disco sucks" movement. Ahah !

1) THE HUMAN LEAGUE : "Love Action"

Well, from now on, the world isn’t the same anymore.


Hell yeah ! They got into disco way after everybody else ! check the great typo on the 12" cover !

3) STEVIE WONDER : Happy Birthday"

I don’t want to see a single snear, this is a milestone.

4) CENTRAL LINE : "Walking On Sunshine"

Used to be big at K.A.B.P. Happy tune & party on down !

5) TIGHT FIT : "Back To The 60’s"

So it’s the beginning of the novelty records. It was a pain in the ass. You can see that in 1981, the 60’s revival starts rigght 11 years after the end of the sixties. Just like now.

7) EVELYN KING : "I’m In Love"

Live for the bass !

8) HI GLOSS : "You’ll Never Know"

I can’t believe this Herb Alpert clapping ! Fab rip-off ! Great lyrics.

9) ENIGMA : "I Love Music"

Another dreadfull disco meddley.

10) ?

11) ?

12) PHYLLIS HYMAN : "You Sure Look So Good To Me"

This is NOT her best song.

13) THE JACKSONS : "Walk Right Now"

Slammin’ is da word

14) WISH : "Nice and Soft"

I don’t remember it well, but I heard many times in clubs since then. I love the bit when the different bass lines have a fight.

15) CARL CARLTON : "She’s A Bad Mama Jamma"

I think people had a way to kick start the song at that time that was unique.

16) BEE GEES : remake ?

I don’t remember, it must be some kind of medley.

17) THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA : "Lift Your Voice And Say"

Fantabidouzi !

18) MODERN ROMANCE : "Everybody Salsa"

Can you take the 10 minit version ? The 7" version was such a torture already. It was huge in England. Some kind of "gayer" Human League.

19) THIRD WORLD : "Dancing On The Floor"

Brrrrrrritsish reggae !

20) ?

21) LEVEL 42 : "Turn It On"

They were getting good at it !

22) BOYSTOWN GANG : "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough"

Working on their gay base.

23) UNLIMITED TOUCH : "Searching To Find The One"

I didn’t know this duck version, dunno if I like it but it’s funny.

24) SYLVESTER : "Give It Up"

Oh this is a different version that’s very groovy too !

25) CAMEO : ?

26) MICHAEL JACKSON : "One More Step"

The Brits were so crazy about him that they re-released and old MJ song.

27) RANDY CRAWFORD : "Rainy Night In Georgia"

The vid is no longer on Youtube, sucks.

28) CHERYL LYNN : "Shake It Up Tonight"

I always liked the fact she had the same name of the Lynn drums !

29) TEENA MARIE : "Square Biz"

Strong as the first day.

30) PATTI AUSTIN : "Do You Love Me"

This is so funky. You can feel the Quincy touch. I think this 7" version is better though.