Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 6 septembre 1981

Mellow Mellow ! Can you imagine a sweet tune as this Quincy Jones playing in clubs nowadays ? What about Level 42 ? And Linx ? So many good songs but a lot of shite too with all those medleys. That was a phase we were going through and I hated every bit of it.

1) CENTRAL LINE : "Walking On Sunshine"

Nice jam !

2) DONALD BYRD : "Love Has Come Around"

What an intro ! That’s why I chose it my comp "Slow Jamz & Hot Songs"

3) LOBO : "The Carrabean Disco"

Yes, spooky but funny.

HI-GLOSS : "You’ll Never Know"

Intro like you would.

5) LINX : "So This Is Romance"

This is the British Carrabean.

6) THE HUMAN LEAGUE : "Love Action"

Hail the Sheffield computers !

7) MODERN ROMANCE : "Everybody Salsa"

A short version will do, thanks.

8 ? : Funk Around the town"

9) ?

10) ?

11) BOYSTOWN GANG : "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough"

Scissor Sisters, get the fuck outa my brain.


Don’t play this at a gay wedding !

13) PHYLLIS HYMAN : "You Sure Look So Good To Me"


14) THE LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA : "Lift Your Voice And Say"

Oh we’GOT to groove on this one !

15) SPANDAU BALLET : "Chant N°1"

I remember grooving to this one at Heaven with my friend Ray !

16) SYLVESTER : "Give It Up"

For those in the know.

17) K.I.D. : "N°1"

18) QUINCY JONES : "Betcha you Wouldn’t Hurt Me"

It’s a groove, sleaze moment at the end of the night when you dance with your man or the guy you met one hour ago.

19) TIGHT FIT : "Back In The 60’s"

Awful, plain awful.

20) STEVIE WONDER : "Happy Birthday"

He gave us the words to sing them.

21) PATTI AUSTIN : "Do You Love Me"

Funk you now

22) EVELYN KING : "I’m In Love"

It makes go wooooooobly every time I hear it

23) AL JARREAU : "Reminissing Your Love Together"

24) WISH : "Nice & Soft"

Sometimes it sounds like an old Stricly Rhythm.

25) ?

26) KENI BURKE : "You’re The Best"

I love his voice.

27) ENIGMA :

28) CHERYL LYNN : "Shake It Up Tonight"

Great vid !

29) LEVEL 42 : "Turn It On"

Don’t tell me you don’t like it just it’s because it’s from Level 42 !

30) ?