Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 7 février 1981

I have quite a few blank lines here, I had problems listening to the names on the little radio I was listening that show to. But, well, here you go : Unlimited Touch, Spectrum, Tom Browne, Skyy, "Hang Together" by Odyssey. It’s a Prelude year, with fab dance classic poppin’ up every minit.

1) YARBROUGH & PEOPLES : "Don’t Stop The Feeling"

Computers gone mad !

2) BLONDIE : je m’en fiche, never liked her

3) FREEEZ : "Southern Freez"

It’s all so délicat.

4) THE GAP BAND : "Burn Rubber On Me"

You pervert brat.

5) HEATWAVE : "Gangsters Of The Groove"

A different version, real sweet.

6) CLOUD : "All Night Long"

Man I loved that "Champagne" logo.

7) ?

8) MFSB : "Mysteries Of The World"

Pfew, enough said.

9) ?

10) K.I.D. : "Don’t Stop"

Computer kids today should be crazy about this

11) ?

12) THE INVERSIONS : "Mr Mack"

Check out the Groove Productions logo.

13) ?

14) HARRY THUMAN : "Underwater"

Generations of ravers fell into it of course


16) FANTASY : "You’re Too Late"

We dit hear it A LOT in the clubs

17) STEVIE WONDER : "I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It"

Stevie goes Countryish !

18) SKYY : "Here’s To You"

Do I love this song ? I could MERGE into it !

19) ODYSSEY : "Hang Together"

So Womack & Womack ! So bi-ou-ti-foule ! Listen to the lyrics, its NOW

20) SPECTRUM : Taking It To The Top"

I kinda forgot this one

21) THE RAH BAND : "Slide"

Some rush.

22) JAMES BROWN : "Rapp Payback"

It doesn’t stop as any James Brown hit.

23) DIANA ROSS : "It’s My Turn"

The British were giving her hits whenever they could.

24) LIGHT OF THE WORLD : "I Shot The Sheriff"

Betcha you don’t know this one. There was a cute male singer in this.

25) Patrice Rushen : "Never Gonna Give You Up"

She’s the boss ! A copy of "Haven’t You Heard" but still, she’s sharing nearly the same tittle as Sharon Redd.

26) LAX : "All My Love"

There is something like Rod Mc Kuen here ! A Prelude stroll in the park.

27) ? : "In The Bottom"

28) UNLIMITED TOUCH : "I Hear Music In The Streets"

This is soooooo MAJOR - it gives me the creeps everytime I hear it, 30 years later.

29) TOM BROWNE : "Thighs High"

This had a huge influence on the British.

30 : ?