Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 7 février 1982

Time flies ! We’re already in 1982 and I am nearly... 22 ! And the songs keep coming with Vickie D, "This beat is Mine". No girl, it’s mine ! Don’t you dare take it from me sisterwoman ! And check the killer list of A list acts here : the Jones Girls, Tom Browne, All & Oates and all the others.

1) ?

2) Kool & THE GANG : "Get Down On It"

I guess I’m the only gay white boy who loves Kool & the Gang.

3) ?

4) GEORGE BENSON : I don’t remember it !

5) HALL & OATES : " I Can’t Go For That"

People used to make fun of them, but what a great moody dance song.

6) ?

7) SHAKATAK : "Easier Said Than Done"

It was a great suprise for me to discover, 20 years later that DJ’s like Patrick Vidal liked this naïve stuff.

8) THE JONES GIRLS : "Nights Over Egypt"

WITHOUT ANY DOUBT the best song of this charts, a gem of a Philly, the lyrics are sooooooo perfect, it’s the Jones Girls at their peak. I chose this mixx because it’s teensy bit different of the classic one.

9) EWF : "Let’s groove"

No vid on Youtube.

10) TOM BROWNE : "Funkin For Jamaica"

Didn’t we fuck up our 501s but trampling on the floor like mad gerbils ? Yes.

11) ?

12) CENTRAL LINE : "Don’t Tell Me"

A lesser know hit but still very Central Line, with reggae feelings as per usual.

13) STEVIE WONDER : "That Girl"

Yes he was chunkin out hits.

14) VICKIE D : "This Beat Is Mine"

It’s my song ! Don’t get close or I’ll bite ya

15) ?

16) DIANA ROSS : "Mirror, Mirror"

If there’s a song that tells a lot about her...

17) SKYY : "Let’s Celebrate"

Nice but not crazy.

18) T.C. CURTIS : "Body Shake"

Damn, they took off the vid.

19) ?

20) THE BAR KAYS : "Night Cruising’"

Not very convincing, too Rick James for me.

21) K.I.D. : "Hupendi Musiki Wangu"

The underground african hit that just won’t go away.

22) RANDY CRAWFORD : "Imagine"

Maybe the best version ever made of the classic. Maybe it needed that childlike natural, true voice. Randy is my heart for ever.

23) THE FOUR TOPS : "Don’t Walk Away"

The song is better on this one. Northern Soul still lives, mind you.

24) ONENESS OF JUJU : "Anyway But Loose"

Well, now you see where Nuphonic stole their influences.

25) MODERN ROMANCE : "Queen Of The Rapping Scene"

Oh no, it’s them again with an acordeon...


Little marvel of a song.

27) ANGELA BOFFIL : "Too Tough"

Very average to me.

28) ?

29) ?

30) ?