Musique Mon carnet bleu 1980 7 novembre 1980

1980 is the year of weirdos. Check Billy Frazier’s "Billy Who ?". At the time, for me, this dubby crazy drugged out tune was a thing of the future.

1) GLORIA COVINGTON : "Get Down With The Get Down"

2) SLAVE : "Watching You"

It’s so mellow, love it

3) THE JONES GIRLS : "Let’s Celebrate"

Philly beautifulness, so pure

4) WAX : "All My Love"

J’ai du me tromper en écrivant le nom, je ne trouve rien

5) GLEN ADAMS AFAIR : "Just A Groove"

My, I ONLY I could hear that in a club !

6) DAYBREAK : "Everybody Get Off"

Très disco !

7) JAMES BROWN : "Rapp Payback"

That was massive

8) MOUZON’s ELECTRIC BAND : "I Still Love You"

Video’s been cancelled on the net I think

9) RODNEY FRANKLIN : "In The Center"

Rodney was really a king, such a great producer, and it was so great to hear these jazzy instrumentals in a big club. All those key changes keep driving the hit.

10) BILLY FRAZIER : "Billy Who ?"

Now this track really made my mind go "ahhh", and I still have the 12". You can tell all the guys at NuPhonic got into that.

11° ? : "Coming Out Of The Rain"

I don’t know who did this

12) ?

13) LENNY WILLIAMS : "Messin’ With My Mind"

Good mellow funk

14) FIRST LOVE : "Don’t Say Goonight"

So well produced ! We spare NO expense !

15) ERNIE WATTS : "Jut Holding On"

16) KATMANDU : "Get Crackin !"

Après "The Break" !

17 : FATBACK : ?

18) THE DAZZ BAND : "Magnetized"

Bubbly, crazy funk !

19) MICHAEL NARADA WALDEN : "The Real Thing"

20) CHARLES : "Comin’ To Your Life"

Maybe I didn’t write OK, can’t find it.